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T. Petrosian 80

Interview with GM Pavel Eljanov
With Sergey Karjakin and his beautiful wife Katya together in Jermuk, the young couple has been the object of interviews, photos and well-wishing by the spectators and chess fans.  But, the young GM is not the only one with good news from his personal life.  Pavel Eljanov also recently tied the knot, but traveled to Jermuk alone.  Focusing on his work instead for these two weeks, Eljanov in fact came to Jermuk with his second GM Zahar Efimenko. As his trusty second was close by during the interview, the two demonstrated what a good working team they are and answered many of Press Officer Lilit Mkrtchian’s questions together.

-Pavel, Congratulations on your marriage. Why did your wife not accompany you here in Jermuk?

-Thank you Lilit. She works and unfortunately, because she was unable to be absent from work, she couldn’t come. I should say that her presence has only been positive for me. She was with me in some tournaments I played in before our marriage and I performed very well in all of them.

-How have you prepared for this tournament?

-In the past, chess players used to prepare for such tournaments for many months but now the situation has changed. Almost all of the elite players have rigid schedules and the tournaments are one after another.  As such, they have less time to prepare.  I was able to rest and train for 10 days before this tournament

-And how do you get prepared for a game?

-I try to do everything in moderation. I don’t like to sit for long hours staring at a chessboard. I guess it is more important to be fresh. I like to intersperse taking walks and studying chess.

At this moment Zahar interjected:

-One should be prepared for all the tournaments, but in events such as Jermuk, the opponents are very strong.  There are many challenges to overcome in terms of preparation and it is hard to solve them alone. That is why the most of the participants come with their seconds.
-What do you like to eat or drink during the games?
-Whatever is available (laughing): tea, cookies, and I should say that I like chocolate very much.


-I ask the question about computer chess engines to all participants. Do you rely on computer analysis?

-I rely only on Zahar’s analysis (laughing).

-And please share some thoughts about Tigran Petrosian.

-Petrosian was a truly unique chess-player. Only select few could understand his distinctive style of play. I think he is the best one among the World Champions. It is a pity that his life was cut short prematurely, in the year when I was born. If he had lived a few years longer, maybe I would have had the good fortune to have met him and request his signature. Alas only his chess masterpieces are left, and successive generations will be able to admire and learn from his games.
-And what about Jermuk?

-The nature is very beautiful here. There are not so many places in the world that can be called paradise. I hope people will become acquainted with Jermuk after this tournament will consider spending their vacations here.
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