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T. Petrosian 80

Interview with GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov
Rustam, you have come to Jermuk without a trainer, isn't it difficult to compete without a trainer?
Of course it is very difficult to get ready for the match without a trainer, but on the other hand it is easier to be focused on chess alone. There are some tournaments in which I participate without a trainer, and in others I take a trainer, so it is very difficult to say in which case I’m more successful. Both cases have their advantages.
And what about trips with your wife?

Surely, it is much more pleasant when my wife is with me, but we have children and we don’t want to leave them alone for a long time. So that is the reason why we do not travel together very often: only once or twice a year.


The tournament is a long and strenuous one and you need to have good physical preparation.  How prepared do you feel now?
It so happened that I was playing and training uninterruptedly for several months and I had no time to take a break or exercise properly. The level of the tournament is very high, all the players are tough, and it also takes lots of energy to get ready for matches. I am still holding up ok, but do I feel that from round to round it is getting more difficult.
What do you eat or drink during a game to stay fresh?
Only water.

What is the role of computers in your preparation. Do you rely on the evaluations of chess engines?
Computer plays an enormous role in my life.  I follow the innovations and recommendations of chess programs. They are simply great helpers. For me it is important to create positions where I feel comfortable, regardless of the exact computer evaluation. For example, the position that I have prepared in the game against Aronian, the computer considered black’s position to be advantageous. Anyway, people are not computers and I understood that for me it would be easier to navigate better through the expected difficulties, as I had studied the analysis beforehand.
What is your opinion regarding the match between Anand and Topalov?  In your opinion which are the weaknesses of these two giants?  
It is very difficult for me to talk about that. I was Anand’s trainer in previous match and we are in good relations with each other. I hope that the match will take place and Anand will be victorious.
Can you please share your insights about the 9th champion Tigran Petrosian?
I had been studying Petrosian’s games since early childhood and he has been of my favorite chess players. His famous defensive methods, like the exchange sacrifices are fundamentally included in my repertoire.
What are your impressions from Jermuk?

The nature is very beautiful here, there are lots of places to take a relaxing walk. I didn’t have enough time to get acquainted with the city, but I hope I’ll manage to do it. I feel quite good here.
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